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One Thousand Hands Buddha:

The preparation is in showing up for yourself. You attend a class, you practice, you begin to know yourself and gain an understanding of the Jing Treasure, Qi Treasure and Shen Treasure that are you!

Welcome to Qigong.

When you want to become strong and stable and find your direction in life, you need to cultivate your heart. In Chinese philosophy, the mind and heart are the same. The 1,000 Hands Qigong practice stabilizes emotions and connects the mind & heart

This is a great form for beginners, all fitness levels and abilities. Qigong at its most simple level, is the practice of staying in the present for your continually evolving sense of “life energy”. Breathing techniques, slow exercises and meditation combine to bring together the body, mind and spirit for self healing.

Why Practice?

The heart is in charge of balancing the activity of the organs in the body and dealing with the changing environment outside the body, your life stressors. When we cultivate the heart, we balance our emotions and find calm in the midst of even the most complicated of lives. Hand mudras guide the Qigong practice and enable you to eliminate fear, anxiety and suffering in your daily life.

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