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Daoist Practice for Autumn

August 8, 2022 marks the day of the PURIST YIN Qi to begin. What does this mean? This is the first day of Autumn. Ancient Chinese theory states that autumn brings more things that can lead to fall and winter illness. This occurs as our Yang Qi which is our Defensive Qi begins to move internally Germs, viruses and pathogens are becoming more active externally. The expression used is the "Autumn Tiger is coming to attack". This year we have two tigers, because it is also a "Yang Water Tiger year".

In order to block and deflect this Autumn Tiger, you need to build the FIVE GATES to block this energy. These are the five gates:

GATE 1. Autumn Tiger brings heat waves. With the external temperatures continuing to be very hot, our internal body is still very cold. It is best to:

· Ingest all room temperature or warm food and drinks, do not drink or eat cold foods

· Drink mung bean tea. Boil mung beans in water for 10 minutes and drink the liquid. Finish cooking the mung beans and eat them later.

· Tiger soup: eat the watermelon white part/lower pink part closer to the rind or, steam it, or put in the blender.

· Drink mint tea.

· Drink simmered water at least 100 degrees F water before a meal, this is a soup. It activates your Large Intestine energy, right away the large intestine is happy! Through the action of heating the water molecule is smaller, a hexagonal shape, do you see the 100 bubbles in the simmer? Then you can absorb this water and rehydrate yourself. Drinking alot of water and peeing it all out? You are not absorbing the water. Try this instead for two months and you will see. This is the MOST important recommendation.

GATE 2. In the morning, eat 1-3 slices of fresh ginger root and in the afternoon eat Asian pear, apple, or daikon. Ginger gently warms the stomach.

GATE 3. Qigong practice.

· Zi Wu Qigong, Yin Yang Harvest, Immune Boost Qigong, One Thousand Eyes Buddha, Six Sounds Therapy, Dai Mai Qigong or Qigong of the Great White Crane.

· First thing in the morning: sniff quickly and deeply 6 times in the morning before your water soup. Don't let germs incubate in your nose, bring them into the throat, then wash down the throat with the water soup of 100 degrees to flush the toxin. Then afterward eat your breakfast after this soup. This warms the Large Intestine, then it is working for you to eliminate toxin. Then the Large Intestine is awake are ready to receive.

GATE 4. As usual, be to Sleep before 11 pm to nourish your Heart and Pericardium channels. Wear gold, silver or copper jewelry to help stabilize the mind for fall.

GATE 5. Eat cooked food at dinner like soup or congees.

· Chicken soup with carrots, apples, and onions. These foods are for generating the metal energy of autumn. Also yoghurt and squash. Food for Large Intestine: garlic to help remove all the germs. Metal energy is your fighting army, it is for your immune system. You can also include daikon, turmeric, curry and cheese.

Recommendations are not a substitute for medical advice. If you have any questions or underlying health conditions, please contact your primary care physician. Guardian Earth Qigong assumes no liability for recommendations used properly or improperly that are mentioned in this article. Any dietary changes should be thoroughly discussed with the doctor, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The same goes for those who suffer from diabetes and other pre-existing conditions, those who are on other medications or are involved in a weight control program.

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