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Beginning with Qigong

If you are here wondering if Qigong is for you, or you would just like to try out a class, this is easy. You just need to bring yourself, to show up, for yourself! There is no thinking or overthinking or wondering or debating or deciding. One day, you just haul yourself to a class and there you are!

This is how we show up for ourselves in daily life. Are we present? Are we mindful of the activity we are currently involved in? Qigong teaches you to become present with yourself first. There are many things taking your attention everyday. Phone call, email, text message, facebook, instagram, repeat. Most likely these things are "attended" to while: working, driving, cooking, watching TV, watching videos, thinking about something else. Do you see? This is like always having one or many background programs running in the brain. Then stress and life troubles are created.

The brain and body become a slave to this incessant chatter and "busy-ness". Do you notice that some days you wander from work, to family, to events mindlessly and the day is so short and you are always thinking: what next! Then you are exhausted at the end of the day and cannot figure out why. You have programmed yourself to be "ON" all the time and then wonder why you cannot sleep at night.

Mindfulness brings a hopeful sense of well being about your day. You develop the capability to wait for the day to come to you rather than always reaching for "what is next!". You begin to arrive, then flow like water into your day each event at a time: waking, sensing the brain, sensing the body, sensing the spirit, getting up, moving, shower, dressing, walk downstairs, pull out egg pan, get food out, cook breakfast. Do you see? Each action is importantly aware.

What I am talking about is how you move in daily life, the flow of the Dao, the flow of nature, learning to flow like water. When you practice Qigong, you come into your life with the ease of nature. This is why Qigong and Tai Chi are practiced outdoors. When you are in tune with nature, then you see things, you hear things, you discover things about yourself and others that were not apparent before. Why? Because you were so busy! So distracted!

Qigong is a practice of discovery about yourself first. There is no right or wrong way to practice. Qigong is moving the body along with the teacher, the class and learning not to think so much about what you are doing. Qigong and Daoist philosophy also give your brain something else to contemplate, because there is a set intention you are giving yourself with the practice such as "Gather Earth Qi", or "Raise your Happiness Qi".

Many students start the practice and then continue to study on their own in addition to classes. You can also research, read books and find the philosophy of this circular nature. What you produce in your mind, your body and your spirit returns to nature. This is how we connect with the cycles of nature and the greater cosmos. This is how nature returns to us in daily life.

~ If what in your brain and heart and who you are living with is un-mindful, is un-intentional, then this is the energy of "mindlessness". Then, no spirit is produced, no growth happens for your spirit, your Qi, your physical nature.

You are then caught in the miasma of daily energy that surrounds you. You "Re-Act" and are "Acted Upon", as you continue to blame others for your life circumstances, your unhappiness, your anxiety and fears ~

This is why I share the gift that is Qigong. Slow, gentle, mindful, moving meditation. Qigong uncovers the happiness and joy within. It is difficult at first for many people! It was difficult for me to begin to slow down. When you slow the body down, the brain slows down and becomes more clear. When you connect the heart/mind, then you are "thinking" with a different perspective. The trigger to make these connections is the moving action of Qigong.

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