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How to work your water system


This is the year to activate your subconscious and conscious level, prepare yourself. The nature of Qi is unique because it is a water tiger year. The year of the tiger there is lots of fighting. The tiger-eye is a way to catch opportunity, does not mean you are busy all the time. Are you using busy" to fill your life?" What is your purpose? Focus on this instead. What are you doing each day? Tiger head needs to line up the years connecting. Then the roots of your health can be healed. The physical world is guided y the unseen world. Sixty years ago, too much materialism started. Too much focus on the external. What happens? You see this today.

Work your internal landscape; remove your thinking life so you can dive into your subconscious. Thinking all the time blocks your subconscious level. Keep a journal, keep a Qi Journal. It is your talisman you are writing, reconnecting all knowledge. Maybe deep level problem? Sleep on it, write it down, and put it under your pillow. Alot of time the cause of problems is because we believe them! (The problem).

Transform materialism to the abstract world equals the quantum state. It is time to use this language. Step into a higher level of thinking. Your opinion is only 2 dimensional level, higher up is the 4 dimensional level way of looking at things. Alot of the time we think we see the truth, no! Nothing right and nothing is wrong, it is just as it is. So everything is yin/yang, light/dark, sun/moon. This year is second chance to do the right thing. Can step into danger and yet behind the Tiger can be opportunity, so, step into Spirit and activate this part of you. This will help you transform your stress every day.

2019: stay away from negative people

2020: stay away from positive people

2021: stay away from people

2022: be flexible! Stay positive/negative, stay with people. Do not attend funerals or visit cemeteries. Only if close family member should you attend a funeral. Celebration of life is good.


1. Water Systems

· 1 cup warm alkaline water on rising first thing in the morning.

· Lifesaver water: First thing in morning warm water, could have lemon or ginger in it. Use a clay or ceramic cup- (earth) to drink from.

· Then work the water systems, the Kidney and Bladder channels, stretch the backs of your legs and stretch the front of your body: Raise your arms above your head and stretch from the gut to open up the center of the body, then bend forward from the hip flexors, keeping knees soft and stretch your hamstrings. Repeat 5 times.

· Put one glass of water next to your computer each day to absorb radiation, do not drink this, put a new glass there each day.

· Always break your water molecule chains to smaller by transfer water 3 times cup to cup OR:

· Drink cooked water, heat your water and wait and see the 100 bubbles at the bottom of the pan, do not boil it! Then, the large water molecule is broken and you can digest the water and absorb the water. No raw water.

· Diarrhea? Drink cooked water (bubbles), this is miracle healing. Reset your button with water system, water tiger year, vs. when you don't manage your water systems you get a flood!

· This year will have lots of floods, lots of water in nature will overflow.

· Right before sleep drink 1/2 cup of warm water. Get up to go to the bathroom at night? Then only 2-3 sips of water before bed.

Then everything will be modified. Water has memory, appreciate your water, and thank your water. Just as each person can be many things like mother, father, teacher, worker so too can water be many things: ice, steam, mist, water, snowflake. Treat your water, then you can heal, you can help yourself, you are made of 70% water. Think with the laws of nature. Pay attention to water, the crystal shape is beautiful. With good intentions, pass on good intention through water and nourish you. Each cell is DNA 70% water. Job of water: DNA healthy. Learn from the philosophy of water, so soft, so adapting, so fluid. Think with the thinking of the water, the kindness of the water. Dirt problem? Wash it with the spirit of the water.

2. When working with Meditation & Mudras

The right hand holds all the powers of the left. The left hand is for yourself, the right is an offering. The left hand is the charger for recharging yourself, it charges the right hand to go out into the world. When working with a person as a practitioner, always touch them with your right hand first, this way you hold onto yourself, don't give away so much of the self. Then, go ahead and use both of the hands.

3. Each month Set Your Intention: YOUR QI JOURNAL

Each month write down 10 things. This will brighten your Qi. When writing use the present tense like "I feel wonderfully healthy" to assist your health. Or, "my teeth are strong and I am grateful that they work so well". Do not phrase your intention like this: "I want to feel healthy and not in pain". Never use a negative word like "not or when" or "in the future". You are creating your future today, so set your intention to the best possible future for yourself! Right away you begin to create something new for yourself. You can also do this before going somewhere, before you travel anywhere. Set your intention and/or write it down. Repeat the following month.

4. Woman

This can be a tough year for woman, then it is good to have a little blood come out to avoid the big blood come out. So, what does this mean? Do your blood testing early this year for your physical. This will circulate your blood. Or, you can poke a little bit on your finger and release that.

5. The year 2024 is when the Golden Age begins, the Dragon Year.

The invisible will be clear. We will step into not so much a material world.

Whereas when Qigong is properly practiced, it is extremely beneficial and presents minimal risk to one’s health, please consult your physician if you are in doubt of your capabilities or have special health concerns. Material presented is for educational purposes only. The information contained on this site and in any class is not intended to diagnose, treat, or otherwise intervene in any medical condition. ALWAYS seek help from a licensed medical professional for any health condition. ~

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