Qigong Forms

Jade Woman

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This powerful method of healing speaks to the needs of a woman's body. This form helps to increase blood, nourish the liver and assists both physical diseases and emotional imbalances. A beautiful, feminine form that is very effective in reducing weight and treating problems related to gynecology and menopause. The goal of Jade Woman is to increase and purify the woman's blood supply by opening Tan Zhong, the secret point identified by Taoists as the source of blood in a woman's body. While designed for women, this Qigong form can also benefit men or anyone who suffers from circulation and liver problems.

Time of Year: Spring

Related Element: Wood

Related Emotion: Anger or lack of Anger 

Organ Systems: Liver & Gallbladder

Magic Square Abdominal

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The brain is the Consumer of Qi, the gut is the Producer of Qi. If the gut/brain cannot produce this Qi, then the brain is not smart, it is just emotional and no serotonin is being produced.  Learn to create an awareness in yourself and an important regard for the workings of the gut, your second brain, so that you have principles, you know your own mind, you have the ability for single minded focus and self control. When you know your own mind, you treat your stomach and gut well.  They become a large Qi producing factory, making excellent everyday Qi-energy for you.

Time of Year: as a seasonal transition practice

Element: Earth as dirt, metals, water

Related Emotion: worry, worry, worry in the mind

Organ Systems: Stomach & Spleen

Hui Gong for the Heart


This form focuses on bringing the mind-heart to tranquility through cleansing by using the method of one thought replacing the train of many thoughts. It does this by using the mind to guide Qi through the Lung, Heart, Spleen, Liver & Kidney organs. You learn to "dust" this part of your house. Then, you can work to wake up the spirits within these five organs. The goal is to recover their full functions and gain back their natural rhythms. This is the self-healing power of Ling Gui Qigong.  This form also assists circulation in the neck, shoulders and upper back, adjusts the pre-immunity for allergies and reduces insomnia.

Time of Year: Summer & Late Summer

Related Element: Fire

Related Emotion: Manic joy, too happy all the time, anxious

Organs Systems: Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, San Jaio

Big Dipper


You will learn to light a big internal fire at the Ming Men ~ Vitality Gate with guided breathing and stretching.  When you take energy from the feet to the belly, from the hands to the heart, and from the head portal to the brain you sweep away anxiety, fear, anger, worry and grief. Learn to move slowly with calm and powerful breath, as hands and limbs rotate around the cosmic force of your Tai Chi pole, your internal rotate, your squeegee for your spirit. Learn to make these connections, and you will activate your creative force as well as nourishing Heart Yang & Kidney Yin. This connection allows access o your original stored energy. This form benefits autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, thyroid disease, and diabetes. 

Time of Year: anytime practice

Element: Metal, Fire, Earth, Wood, Water

Related Emotion: grief, overjoy, worry, anger, fear

Organ Systems: Lung, Heart, Spleen, Liver, Kidney

Dai Mai


This powerful qigong activates the Belt Channel, also called the Dai Mai which is located around the waist. When this channel is activated, Qi starts to flow freely and expands. This form benefits conditions like constipation, weight control, fibrocystic breasts as well as all gynecological and digestive issues. With practice the Dai Mai’s energy builds and spirals out and forms an energetic cocoon.  This energy provides protection from dis-ease and radiation that is a constant in our daily lives.

Time of Year: Fall

Element: Earth

Related Emotion: worry

Organs Systems: Stomach, Spleen, Kidney, Liver

1,000 Hands Buddha

Buddhists Praying

​When you want to become strong and stable and find your direction in life, you have to cultivate your heart. In Chinese philosophy, the mind and heart are the same. This practice helps develop your inner potential towards true happiness. Cultivate the heart and balance emotions with guided hand mudras that enable you to eliminate fear, anxiety and suffering.

Time of Year: anytime practice

Element: Metal, Fire, Earth, Wood, Water

Related Emotion: grief, overjoy, worry, anger, fear

Organ Systems: Lung, Heart, Spleen, Liver, Kidney

Ma Wang Dui

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This qigong form is for the Hun and the Po, for the Liver and the Spleen benefit.  It is for stress relief that can represent in 3 different patterns:​

1. YU ZHENG - DEPRESSION: Shen stagnation, Qi stagnation, Blood stagnation, and Dai Mai phlegm blockage.

2. JING QI - SHOCK & FEAR:  Stagnation of Kidney Yin and Jing, Yin void of Kidney

3. ZHANG ZAO - ANXIETY:  Overloaded stress, Emotional disturbances stored in Liver, Liver Yang rising due to yin deficiency.

Time of Year: anytime practice

Element: Fire, Wood, Water

Related Emotion: grief, overjoy, worry, anger, fear

Organ Systems: Liver, Spleen, Heart, Kidney

Xi Xi Hu ~ Walking Qigong


​This is a walking meditative form to activate first the Lungs, then Heart, Spleen, Kidney and Liver.  Using the breath, learn to SCRUB the energy of these organs for their true nature to emerge. We dust off old energy so that true spirit and function allow communication of the organ systems. They nourish each other.  This is self-healing and has long been practiced in China for those with cancer and other disharmonies of the body.

Time of Year: anytime practice

Element: Metal, Fire, Earth, Wood, Water

Related Emotion: grief, overjoy, worry, anger, fear

Organ Systems: Lung, Heart, Spleen, Liver, Kidney

Celestial Pillar

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​Celestial Pillar Qigong strengthens and lifts your Zheng Qi, your upright Yang Qi. This strong Qi gives you the basis for a strong, bright life. Our bodies are Yin Qi, meaning the muscles, bones, tendons, flesh, blood. We need this Yang Qi to animate and bring to life the body structure.  We consume our Yang Qi on a daily basis with our fast paced lifestyles. When our Yang Qi begins to diminish, we have the potential to become ill. When all of our Yang Qi is depleted our life ends. The universal Yang Qi is represented by the sun and illuminates the entire universe and generates energy for the earth. This warming of the earth controls and allows for 10,000 things to be born and become activated. The Sun controls the temperature for everything to survive. When we activate this Yang Qi, it secures our insides for integrity and health and keeps them in place defying the pull of gravity downward.

Time of Year: Winter

Element: Water

Related Emotion: Fear

Organ Systems: Kidney & Bladder

Qigong of the Great White Crane


​GREAT WHITE CRANE QIGONG is for your immune system, your Wei Qi.  This form promotes the health of your lungs and increases your Qi making it bigger and stronger.  This form opens your connection to others, your connection to the universe and resets your biological clock so you are in sync with nature and can sleep during the night and be awake during the day.  White Crane is also good for motion sickness as it opens the pericardium channel.  When you establish a good rhythm for the lungs, then you can affect the rhythm of your heart, one affects the other.  Good lung rhythm? Then certainly your hearts rhythm will follow and benefit your entire being.

Time of Year: Fall

Element: Metal

Related Emotion: Sadness, Grief

Organ Systems: Lung & Large Intestine

Eight Pieces of Brocade

Cherry Tree

These Qigong exercises were the basis for Chinese Medical Qigong for over a thousand years. A series of stretching routines with accompanied breathing, this form is very important for the tendons, when we stretch our tendons daily we increase our lifespan as well as our ability to adapt.  We become like a tree that can sway with the wind and not snap, we become strong and flexible in body and our brain and emotions become flexible and smart​. (Yang Zwing-Ming Lineage)

Time of Year: Spring

Element: Wood 

Related Emotion: Anger

Organs Systems: Liver & Gallbladder

Hui Gong for Marrow

Fire Wood

​A Qigong form for building marrow & nourishing the brain and bones.  Hui Gong forms connect you to your inner wisdom with the integration of Mind, Heart & Dan Tien. Intentional, mindful exercises build internal strength, focus the mind and open the heart. Qigong is a practice for how to live your life at where ever you happen to be. Speaks to memory problems, ability to focus and bone building.

Time of Year: Winter

Element: Water

Related Emotion:Fear

Organs Systems: Kidney & Bladder & Marrow from spine & brain

Yuan Shen


​Yuan Shen is for waking up your Original Qi. This is an energy that has a tendency to sleep, we need to wake it up!  t lies between the Kidneys. The form starts with Preparation, then Wuji Posture to feel the kidney jing, you wake this up and build this source. How do you wake up Kidney Qi?  You send the Heart Fire down. Kidney is Yin organ and passive so it needs the yang of the Heart to wake it up.  Heart is fire, Heart is spirit, to wake up original Kidney Qi, start with the heart. Then, your life journey will be clear.

Time of Year: Anytime


Related Emotion:

Organs Systems: 

Jade Body

Stone Tower

​Strengthens the spine and back, activates a strong immune system, generates energy for daily use - your Yang Qi! When the spine is strong our mental and physical health are vibrant and flexible. Learn how to sense a clear Qi energy flow through your spine and build a connection between the top of the head and the tailbone. Increase your “Wei Qi”, your healing capacity, by keeping this vibrant Qi flow alive, truly felt and accessible.

Time of Year: Fall

Element: Metal

Related Emotion: Sadness & Grief

Organs Systems: Lung