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Yuan Shen Qigong:

This is original spirit qigong.The form consists of Eight Exercises that clear murky Qi from the five organs of Heart, Lung, Liver, Spleen and Kidney.

Welcome to Qigong.

“Wake up your prenatal Jing, prenatal Yang Qi, prenatal Yin Qi, prenatal Liquid and prenatal Qi”

Prenatal Jing will nourish your marrow for better memory, prenatal Yang Qi warms up your stomach and spleen for better digestion, prenatal Yin Qi nourishes your heart to balance emotions and help sleep, prenatal liquid purifies your liver.

Why Practice?

With this qigong practice, all the internal organs connect with each other to provide a self-healing experience. This connection ignites the Yuan Shen, your own connection to spirit nature.  When you work from spirit, the energy comes back to the physical self.  Not sure what this means?  It is like a root, a source from which to work on yourself, work that is built and transformation that lasts.  This form is especially good for the symptoms of insomnia, blood sugar imbalance, and syndromes of PMS, self confidence, life planning, menopause and life transitions.

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