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What is Jing?

Jing is the primal life force in every human being. It come from the universe and is created on the day of conception. Boom! Like a big bang, there you are! It is our genetic legacy and is one component of that which determines our health in life.

The amount of Jing we are born with is a precious substance to conserve. We do this through lifestyle practices. When we eat good food to fuel the body and receive adequate rest we nourish the treasure of "Qi". When we practice our purpose in life and find meaning and connection to others and to nature, then we nourish the treasure of "Shen".

What depletes Jing? First of all, life itself depletes some Jing, it is like a little bit comes out each day and gives us our will, our power. To make sure out Jing is not "leaking out", we can develop good breathing practices and good dietary practices to "Nourish our Qi". Shen is a function of spirit. Are you in good spirits? Do you have a spiritual practice? Are you positive and grateful in your life? These things promote and "Nourish the Spirit" of our internal organ systems.

When we have good stress management strategies like exercise, meditation, nature time, then we can conserve our Jing. When you have proper nourishment of Qi and Shen, then your Jing, your life span is not consumed. You can maintain good health into old age. A healthy longevity practice is the practice of Qigong.

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