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Qigong of the Great White Crane

Practice this form any time of day, the whole day long if you like. Best effort is to practice facing the direction south to maximize your Yang Qi. Collect the sunshine, open your arms wide to receive the light, this is the way to boost natural energy.

Welcome to Qigong.

“Correct intention, correct effort brings the mind-heart together for compassionate living for yourself first, then others. Qigong that benefits the Lung also benefits the rhythm of the Heart. When the rhythm of the Heart is smooth, life is smooth".

White Crane Qigong provides a form to help build your Wei Qi.  This is a very good form to practice if you have frequent colds or allergies in the fall and winter season.  Your Wei Qi goes outside the body and floats like an invisible layer of protection all around the skin of your body.  This is like a shield against "catching" cold and flu as we enter into the season of fall.    

Why Practice?

Your Wei Qi goes inside the body at night to protect and nourish your internal organs.  This means they get energy to function properly for you during the daytime.  They are not "hungry" during the daytime, because you slept and fed them during the night. Following nature's sleep and wakes cycles is another way to boost your Wei Qi.  This is how you benefit your health, follow the Wei Qi cycle, then you can sync with nature, then everything works better, your body, your psychology and your spirit.  This means you need to sleep from 11:00 PM until at least 5:00 AM in the morning.

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