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Nourishing Woman Qigong

The practice is in showing up for yourself. You attend class, you move, you breathe, you begin to know yourself again an understand the Three Treasures that are you.

Welcome to Qigong.

Time to delve deep for the wintertime and access wisdom from within. When you learn to be quiet, you will access the deep reserves of the power of Yin. Then, you know what to do!"

This powerful form of sitting meditation, uses visualization and hand positions to nourish the body where creation takes place and is nourished. Visualize the source for Yin and Yang and learn to understand the deep energy of Yin. Learn the phases of the moon to understand moods and productivity. This form benefits night time wakefulness and sleep cycles as you learn how to guide the Supreme Yin Energy of the Moon and Supreme Yang Energy of the Sun to activate the Tan Zhong point.

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